Customs Clearance services

Clear the way through customs and accelerate your border crossings.


Operational Customs Clearance: Whether you import or export goods, we have a wide range of services that match your supply chain. Choose from options to prepare and process declarations, calculate duties and taxes, and organize inspections. Let Railtrans facilitate your special services for bonded warehousing

Railtrans has a long tradition of providing customs brokerage services. Our authorized customs brokers and advanced operating systems will help you to successfully steer through the complicated customs procedures, avoid extra expenses or any delays in the implementation of your business processes.

Our services in the area of customs brokerage are the following:

  • Goods clearance (preparation of import /export documents, temporary import /export, active enhancement and finishing under customs supervision, re-export of goods)
  • Declaration and placement of goods under customs supervision
  • Customs warehousing and successive clearance of goods
  • Professional advice and instructions relating to customs regulations and classification of goods as per Customs Tariff
  • Use of simplified customs procedures and information technologies in customs procedures
  • Drafting requests and providing professional assistance in customs and administrative procedures and offence proceedings
  • Drafting transit documents at border crossings, brokerage in drafting requests for all types of analyses (sanitary, market, veterinary, phyto-pathological)
  • Using bank guarantee to secure collection of customs debt

Over 13 highly skilled, professional and experienced licensed customs agents will provide best service and sureness for your activities. With over 1000 processed customs documents per month, our company is leader in customs clearance. Bank guarantee with over than 2 mil EUR provides possibility of processing all needed services. Good coverage with own branch offices secures best flow of goods, fastest and easiest customs clearance process.