Groupage freight

The right choice if you are looking for high quality grouping of goods with accurate and guaranteed departure for your deliveries.

Transport groupage from Turkiye

Istanbul – Prishtina

  • Regular departure line 3 times a week.
  • Transit time: 2-3 days.

Transport groupage from Albania

Tirana – Prishtina

  • Regular departure line 2 times a week
  • Transit time: 1 day.

Transport groupage from Serbia

Belgrade Prishtina

  • Regular departure line 3 times a week
  • Transit time: 1 day.

Groupage transport from China

All ports of China up to Pristina

  • Regular departure line every week.
  • Transit time: 40-45 days.

Transport groupage from Europe

Seeing the need of businesses for partial deliveries from Europe, with HUBs in Austria, Germany, Poland, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Slovenia, Railtrans LLC has established weekly connecting lines through customs warehouses in: Prishtina, Tirana, Belgrade and Skopje.

All partial shipments are stored in temporary storage at the customs warehouse Railtrans LLC Prishtina, which enables immediate customs clearance or stay of up to 20 days, as well as their distribution.

This enables fast and quality service for businesses that import and export in these countries and beyond. With the use of our warehouses and vehicles, as well as regular weekly departures, we have proudly enabled the networking of these warehouses, providing the highest quality services to our customers.