⁠Insurance and consulting

Cargo Insurance

Sit back and relax knowing your cargo is protected against unpredictable events.

Numerous unpredictable factors can expose your cargo to risks during transit. With our Cargo Insurance solution, you can stay calm knowing that your goods are protected against these particular events. Your goods are the heart of your business.

At Railtrans, we acknowledge that safeguarding and protecting your cargo from potential risks is your top priority. That’s why our experienced staff provide you cargo insurance solutions while covering the value of your goods.

Within Railtrans Cargo Insurance, your claims will be settled quickly and efficiently, saving you significant time and effort. This way, you’ll be able to focus on expanding your business while we guarantee the protection of your goods against any harm.

Being one of the first logistics companies in Kosovo to offer cargo insurance to customers, we have a long history and experience in protecting the goods.

Insuring different types of cargo, under all modes of transport

Railtrans Cargo Insurance covers you for containerized and bulk commodities under all transportation modes.

Order Management

Making your global supply chain seamless.

International Supply Chain – Order Management Enhance your supply chain efficiency – from factory to market – through streamlined Order Management. In the aftermath of significant distributions in recent years, businesses are seeking service excellence, cost productivity, and resilient supply chains. Demand is high for technology that improves performance quality and real-time visibility.

International Supply Chain Service

Our service specializes in helping you handle the risks associated with global sourcing, production, and distribution on your behalf.

Making your logistics chain sustainable is one of our missions.

  • Our solutions lead from CO2-optimised routing to environmentally sustainable biofuels.
  • Discover the advantages for your supply chain:
  • Improve shipping performance with fully integrated systems and processes, data-driven insights, and innovative solutions.
  • Improved reliability via guaranteed space allotments with our extensive network of carriers offering flexible shipping schedules.
  • Get door-to-door delivery via truck, rail, or inland waterway.